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Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanks Day 3

Today I am thankful that Landon knows no better. That no matter what happens throughout the day and how many times I fail he still thinks that I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. I tried several different activities today with Landon that all resulted in a flop. I wanted to take him bike riding, but lost the key to the lock- fail! I then decided to show him how a slinky goes down the stairs. The only problem? I couldn't get the slinky to go down the stairs- fail #2. My last attempt at a fun afternoon was to fly a kite. I couldn't get the kite off of the ground- fail #3. I blame that one on the fact that I haven't flown a kite in 20 years, but how hard can it really be?! No matter how many things I failed at today Landon still had a blast. He knew no better. He didn't know what a slinky or kite was. Let alone what they were suppose to do. He thought that kite flying was a game where you just ran with the string! He ran back and forth dragging the kite behind him for quite some time. He would laugh and say that the gator was chasing him. He would then turn around and growl at the gator!

He also thought it was fun to just kick the slinky down the stairs and shout hooray when he reached the bottom. Thanks goodness he is only two and still knows no better. I'm going to be in trouble if we have an afternoon like this in a few years when he does know better. Even with the afternoon failures we did end the evening on a high note...a dance off in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner. Those are my favorite sort of evenings. Even if it does mean listening to the Tigger and Scooby Doo songs over and over and over again!

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