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Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We recently took Landon to the pumpkin patch that we have been going to since his very first Halloween. You can see the previous posts herehere, and here! I love looking back on some of the pictures that are taken on the same props year after year; even if they make me teary eyed! 

Landon had a blast this year picking out his pumpkins. We told him that he could pick out three pumpkins, but somehow he managed to bring four home! 
The fourth pumpkin was the one that Landon went nuts over. He was so happy to have found this pumpkin. It was actually being used as a prop for a photo spot, but Landon picked it up and started hugging it. Kevin didn't want to cause Landon to stop smiling so that fourth pumpkin was added to the wagon. Once we came home Landon helped Daddy to line all of the pumpkins up onto the table. Later on, Landon told me that they were "Daddy, Mommy, Landon, and Tinkie." How silly of Daddy and Mommy to forget about a Tinkie pumpkin....I guess it was a good thing that Landon remembered! 
I can't stop thinking about all of the pumpkin baking possibilities now that there are pumpkins sitting on my dining room table. I love anything pumpkin- pumpkin bread, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes (Landon has been asking for these for about three weeks now), pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. The possibilities are endless. I can't wait to start baking some pumpkin goodies this week!  I'm going to end this with a few more pictures and then start pulling out the cook books! 

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