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Friday, March 23, 2012

It's a Jungle in There!

Landon's room has finally made the transition from nursery to big boy room. I was hoping to keep the Winnie the Pooh theme until he was off to college, but my little boy who thinks he is grown had other ideas. He asked me if he could have a "lion jungle room" so I knew that was my clue to finally suck it up and take down his Winnie the Pooh room. It was a sad day for me, but I did it. I did it and survived to tell about it. Only a few tears were shed. I didn't have a huge meltdown like everyone was betting I would. The end result is perfect. It was so hard at first to find jungle decor that wasn't babyish. The cartoon type of jungle items are every where, but I was wanting a more realistic safari feel to Landon's room. I think I pulled it off and I would have to say that Landon agrees. 

And so does Tinkerbell. She loves laying on the lion rug. We have one firm rule around here. That rule being that Tink is not allowed in the bedrooms. Period. The bedrooms are strictly allergen free. She just couldn't seem to help herself when I put this rug down on Landon's floor. She normally adheres to the rule, unless of course Landon sneaks her into his room and I find out about it once she's scratching at the door to escape his antics. For some reason she can't seem to stay off of this rug. I think she may think she found her long lost cousin!
When I came across this decal I just knew that Landon's much anticipated lion room wouldn't be complete without it. I had a slight snafu putting it up, but my mom came right over and saved the day. It is one of my favorite parts of Landon's new room. I also love the canopy leaf above his bed. 
 Landon called the fabric for his curtains "beautiful" when we picked it out. I have to agree with him.
I also managed to find a way to keep a small corner of nursery items. I wasn't ready to pack everything away just yet so we compromised. 
 The sign above Landon's door was the inspiration for Landon's jungle room. This was made for him a year and a half ago at the zoo and it's been hanging in his room ever since. Now it matches the rest of his room.
The 3D tiger poster was also another big hit. It just gives me a headache when I look at it. This picture also made me realize that Landon has a thing for silly hats. 
Landon loves his new room and couldn't stop jumping around. I managed to get a video of him seeing his room for the first time. He kept calling his room "beautiful". I'm so glad that all of the hard work paid off. I'm also glad that we went with the jungle theme that Landon wanted instead of the dinosaur theme that I had in mind. Landon knew what he wanted all along and he was definitely right. This new room really suits him. 

I really hope that the "white stuff" that Landon keeps referring to is not a ghost. For a little while now Landon has been waking up at night crying. He comes into my room saying that he sees "white stuff" on the wall and ceiling. Now hopefully that won't be a problem because he says that his leaf canopy will protect him from the white stuff. My fingers are crossed for an uneventful first night in his new room. 

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