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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bedtime Antics and Carnival Rides

"Mommy I want to come hug you."
"Mommy I'm stuffy and need some more medicine."
"Mommy I'm thirsty. See? (I can only assume that he's opening up his mouth nice and wide at this point.) See Mommy? I told you I am thirsty. Can you hear it? My throat is making thirsty noises."
"Mommy I want to hug you again."

These were all of the attempts that Landon made to get out of bed tonight. He tries different tactics every night, but the one that always works is when he asks if he can get out of bed to give me a hug. He knows I'll never turn down a hug so he tries it more than once every night and he makes it a really long hug. He won't get any complaints out of me for that one!

Some parents might become aggravated over this night after night, but I tend to enjoy it. I know these bed time antics won't last for forever and some of the things that he comes up with are rather amusing. Landon has already reached the point where it is a struggle for me to be able to lift him up. Those days of carrying him are long gone and I miss them so much. I now try to savor each and every moment even if it means that I have to tell him to get back to bed a dozen times.

In other Landon related news, I took him to the carnival this evening. I wasn't sure whether he would ride any of the rides, but I was at least hoping to have him sit with me on the ferris wheel. He took one look at it and decided that he wasn't going to ride it. He kept saying that it went too high up. He finally got onto two rides without a problem. The first one I rode with him and the second one he wanted to do all by himself. He had one more ride worth of tickets left and decided to go onto a car ride. The emergency stop button had to be pressed as soon as the ride went around the first turn. It went a little too fast for Landon and he freaked out. We're making progress though. The last time we went to the carnival the emergency stop button was pushed on his very first ride attempt. When we were leaving he said to me, "Mommy I was scared, but that means that I still had a little fun because I was only scared on one ride. I wasn't scared on two rides so I had a little fun still." I'm glad that you had fun Landon. Those are the moments Mommy strives for.

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