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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sneak Peek

Here's a little sneak peek as to what I have been working on for Landon's new big boy room:
It's a book end that I had made from one of Landon's many animal toys. He happened to have three of these same identical lions so it worked out well. Or one would have thought that it worked out well. Landon freaked when I put the first slice into the lion's stomach. "Why are you cutting my lion? TT bought that for me!" He would just scream that over and over. We even talked about it before hand and he was ok with the idea until he actually saw the first cut. He even made me call Jenn to tell her that I had cut the lion that she had bought for him. Landon was a complete wreck and I felt so guilty for it afterwards. I think the finished project of his jungle room will be completely worth it for him. His jungle room has turned into a very long process, but I think it will come together just the way he's dreaming of it in his head. I can't wait to surprise him with his new room within the next week or so.

EDIT: Landon is just fine and no permanent damage has been done from his lion being "killed". Rest assured anonymous commenter that he now loves his lion book ends.

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