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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Landon's 4th Birthday!

Lots of celebrating was had on Landon's birthday. We had a very busy day that involved picking out a new pet, go-kart rides, miniature golf, arcade games and a small family party. The day started with Landon's favorite breakfast- pancakes. Since it was his birthday I topped them with Lightning McQueen and Mater sprinkles.
After breakfast we headed out to Adventure Landing for a day of fun. We rode the go-karts time and time again. Landon didn't like them at first, but then he agreed to ride them once more if I went "yellow light" (really slow). I agreed to drive slowly this next time and when we finished our laps he asked to go again. This time he was brave and kept yelling, "Green light! Go, go! Go like Flash!" So I went as fast as Flash and he loved every minute of it.
We also played miniature golf and Landon even scored his very first hole in one!
Even though it was Landon's birthday I couldn't allow him to beat me at air hockey. I have a reputation to uphold with that game! I did, however, allow him four free goals. I think he may become as competitive as I am with air hockey. He didn't take kindly to losing and he wanted to keep playing it again and again.
Landon has a thing for motorcycles.
Landon wanted to show off his ticket winnings!
Our day at Adventure Landing was topped off with an alligator feeding.
My family then joined us back at home for the traditional birthday cake and opening of presents.
I hung four birthday balloons each filled with a dollar for Landon to pop. He popped the first one and was so scared that he handed the job over to his Uncle Alex. Landon hid in his room until he heard the third pop and then came running out to collect his money. When he finished picking up his money he did his money dance. It's this silly little dance that he does whenever he receives a dollar from someone. (The video is sideways because I was accidentally holding my camera that way).
All in all, I think Landon had a great fourth birthday. 

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