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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cars Birthday Party

Landon's Cars party was a success if I do say so myself! Landon loved his party so much that we still have a few of the decorations hanging up. He didn't want them to come down. His Cars party wound up being a lot of fun to plan. Landon picked out his cake months ago (back in January) and we went from there.
I covered our counter area with a black trash bag and then glued yellow strips of construction paper to it to resemble a road. Some of Landon's Cars collection were placed on the road.
Landon's favorite decoration was the L-shaped road that we made and attached a few of his cars to.
My favorite decorations were the napkin and silverware holders. They were so simple to make. I was intimated by the project at first, but they really were super easy to do. The longest part of this project was waiting for the paint to dry. All you have to do is cut the hole of a tissue box slightly larger to resemble a mouth. Paint the boxes and then make the heads and eyes out of construction paper. Add some smaller details, such as teeth and a broken headlight for Mater, and a Rusteeze nose and write Mcqueen's racing number 95 into one of his headlights. They were as simple as that.
Another favorite little touch of mine was the water bottle labels. I didn't want to pay the $0.80 per label price tag that I was finding online so I decided to make my own. I used some checkered flag scrapbook paper, red construction paper and stickers- all of which I had on hand. The only thing that I had to purchase was masking tape to cover the labels so that they would be water proof, which I picked up at the dollar store. I made 24 water bottle labels for $1!
I also made a Pin the Tire on Mcqueen game by coloring a large coloring page from one of Landon's coloring books. I then cut some circles out from black construction paper to resemble the tires.
I also made a sign for the bathroom door out of scrapbook paper and stickers. This is one of the decorations that Landon still requests to be left up.
I had the idea to line the walkway up to the front door with traffic cones and to also have a tower of tires on either side of the driveway. The tower of tires never happened just because I didn't want to be stuck with having to dispose of them after the party- the trash collectors do not pick up discarded tires. I didn't think the neighbors would have appreciated looking at two piles of tires for weeks on end. Traffic cones were also another thing that did not happen. I didn't want my brother's getting into any trouble for stealing traffic cones from roadway work zones (because I know full and well that is what they would have done) so I used soccer cones instead. I tied black and white balloons to them and then placed checkered flags onto wooden dowels and inserted them into the ground between the orange cones.
I love how everything came together for Landon's Cars party and I know he did as well because he is still talking about it.

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