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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meet Fishy!

We have a new member of our household by the name of Fishy Fish Fish. I took Landon to pick out a new pet for his birthday. A pet of the fur variety was out of the question because of his allergies. For several months now Landon has been running straight towards the fish tanks at the pet store so I knew a fish would be a good alternative for him. It took him a little while to decide on the right fish, but he finally made his decision.

Landon called him by a number of names that first day. He tried Fishy first, changed it to Caillou for a few seconds, changed it again to Swimmer and even gave Fin a try. He then decided on Fishy Fish Fish as the final name for his fish. I thought he would lose interest in the fish quickly since he can't play with it and care for it in the same manner as a four legged pet. Landon has proved me wrong so far. He climbs up onto the chair by the little tank and talks to his fish several times a day. He's constantly begging to feed him and even tried walking around with the fish tank. He still denies that one, but the evidence was everywhere. There was water all around the counter and on the sides of the tank.

He's very concerned about his little fish. He walked so slowly out of the pet store while carrying the fish through the parking lot. He even insisted on being the one to hold the fish on the car ride back home. He held on so tightly and he kept reminding me not to hurt his fish when I transferred him into his new tank. We had to leave for a few hours once we brought the fish back home so he asked Tinkerbell to keep an eye on his fish and not to allow anyone to come into the house and take him! I love the little bit of extra responsibility that this fish has provided Landon.

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