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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Day in St. Augustine

Today was another fun-filled day. We headed down to St. Augustine early this morning and spent the entire day there. We planned it out to where he would take his first morning nap in the car so that he would be well rested and in a good mood for the rest of the afternoon. We started the morning off by heading to the Carters store to buy Landon some new pajamas and then we headed to the old town. It felt so nice outside and it was such a relaxing afternoon. There was a Greyhound show going on somewhere around there so there were a lot of big dogs everywhere. Landon loves dogs and he enjoyed watching them, talking to them, and waving at them. I must say that the stores are not stroller friendly. That is my biggest pet peeve with stores. When we go to the mall I just put Landon in the carrier and "wear" him around. It makes it a lot easier. I just didn't want to carry him around like that all day long in the heat so we took the stroller. I wish stores would take strollers into consideration when they are planning and organizing their aisles...I'm stepping down from my soap box now. We took Landon out to the water by the Bridge of Lions and he even got his very first glimpse of dolphins. There were three of them in the water. He even got to see a bird eat a large fish. Many big sights for such small eyes! I was amazed at how well Landon behaved. We were out all day and he didn't fuss once. He truly is growing up.

Daddy showing Landon the boats
Landon showing Mommy the boats
Landon was too busy looking around to take a picture
All tired out after a long day
We take a picture here everytime we go

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