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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Day of Discoveries

This past weekend was spent helping Matt and Jenn move into their new place. I went over there yesterday to help them unpack and while I was hanging some curtains Landon was busy climbing the stairs behind me. We had no idea that Landon was able to climb up stairs. He has never been around stairs and he climbed those stairs as if he does it on a daily basis. Here's a video of him climbing up the stairs. You'll also notice a blue piece of plastic in Landon's hand. It was the packaging to a curtain rod and he held on to it all day long. He always becomes attached to the most strangest items. We couldn't pull it away from him without him getting upset. Kevin and I could have been saving a lot of money these past 10 months by just giving Landon plastic, cardboard, and remote controls to play with instead of toys.
Landon and Tink also somehow wound up packed in a box on moving day. I think Kevin was behind that one!

Landon has been playing with his toys by himself for a few minutes here and there lately. While he's playing I sneak away to get dressed or clean the house. Yesterday as he was playing in his room I went to fold his laundry. After a few minutes I realized that Landon was quiet (never a good thing) and I went into his room to check on him. I found him sitting in the corner of his room behind his crib playing with his Valentine's balloons. It was the cutest thing. He kept punching them and when the balloons popped back up to him he punched them back down again.

This is how I found him. He's just sitting in the corner- hoping if he is really still then I won't see him!

Getting ready to hit the balloon

"I'm not doing anything wrong" look.

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