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Friday, March 6, 2009

Landon is 10 Months Old!

Landon's 10th month photo with Pooh

My little Landon is 10 months old today! My how quickly time flies. I can't believe that in just two short months he will be a year old. Landon is still not talking, but he is doing a whole lot of babbling. We are still struggling with nap times, but he goes to bed by 7:00 p.m. every night without a struggle. We are no longer rocking him to sleep. We just lay him down in his crib for the night and he "talks" to himself and his toys for a few minutes until he falls asleep. It sounds so cute when he does it. It sounds as if he is telling himself a bedtime story. I have to admit that I really miss rocking him to sleep, but I knew that we couldn't do it forever. I do still rock him every now and then though. He is still a baby so I should be allowed to "baby" him for a little while longer. Landon is getting so tall. He can now reach up onto the dining room table and get things off of it when he stands on his tippie toes. His head also now comes above our bed when he is standing next to it. I can't believe how tall he is getting. He can also now stand for a few seconds at a time without holding on to anything. Landon also believes that he can walk and will fall flat on his face three times in a row before he realizes that he can't walk just yet...he is a determined little guy. I'm certain that his 10th month will be filled with milestones including talking and walking.

Landon reading to himself

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