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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Muddy Park Days

Landon loves to go outside and play, but he hates to get dirty. We had a lot of rain lately so it has been really muddy outside. Landon fell down at the park and he was not a happy camper. He kept trying to stand up without having his hands touch the ground. He was so upset that his outfit and shoes were dirty. He kept trying to clean off his shoes and was getting so angry that the dirt wasn't coming off.Landon was saying, "Mommy put the camera down and come clean my shoes!" He then fell down again and was over the top angry that his hands and shirt were dirty.

I eventually stopped snapping pictures and helped Landon get cleaned up. He was so grateful that I helped him. He even picked me "flowers" to show his gratitude!

A happy Landon going down the slide (before the mud).

This was right before the dirt meltdown. He was playing with his Pooh cars.

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