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Friday, December 18, 2009

Sleigh Ride

Landon went on his first horse-drawn carriage ride tonight. Jenn's apartment complex held a small Christmas party and they had carriage rides for everyone. Landon loved the horses and the carriage ride. He was scared to get close to the horses at first, but loved looking at them from a distance on the carriage. We even went for a second carriage ride because Landon didn't want to get off. After the second carriage ride Landon wanted to get closer to the horses. I petted the horses on the head and then Landon felt comfortable to do the same. He touched all three of them on their noses. It was a quick touch and then he pulled his hand away, but at least he faced his fears and touched them. He also made sure to touch all three of them. The horses were absolutely beautiful.
We ended the night with Landon eating his first candy cane. I just gave him a small piece of one, but he loved it.

He was upset with me when I told him that he couldn't have any more. I was the recipient of Landon's mean face because I wouldn't allow him to have a sugar rush before bed.

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