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Friday, October 1, 2010

Adventure Aquarium

While in Pennsylvania, Landon and I visited the New Jersey Aquarium. For some reason I didn't take many photos. Actually I took almost none. I guess we were too busy looking at all of the fish to worry about photos. Chasing Landon around from tank to tank doesn't leave much picture taking time! I think Landon's favorite attraction was his beloved hippos. They had two hippos in a tank. One kept swimming laps in the tank and Landon would run up and down the length of the tank right along side the hippo.
 He also loved the turtle that was there and of course climbing on top of the turtle statue.
 Landon was completely mesmerized with all of the fish.
I had a great time with Landon at the aquarium. Seeing him get so excited over each and every fish made my day. He finds so much joy in the smallest of things. Landon can look at 20 of the same fish and yet look at each of them as if they are all completely different and new. He seems to always take a moment to appreciate the world around him- something that us adults could do more of.

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