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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loving Handful

There are two words that describe Landon best these days, handful and loving. Somehow Landon always finds a way to cause complete destruction in a matter of seconds. I call our afternoon clean ups the aftermath of Hurricane Landon. He can make a mess of his toys like none other. He's always so proud of his messes too. The other day he called me over to see what he had done with his toys. He took all of his toys out of the toy box. He was sitting in the middle of the mess while saying "cheese". He wanted me to take a picture of his mess! What a ham! No matter the mess he makes or the trouble he finds, he knows how to flash that cute smile of his and plant a kiss on me to make everything all better.

When he's not causing messes, Landon is as sweet as can be. Last night we went to the park for a few. I went off for a minute and Landon was playing with his Uncle Matt and Uncle Alex. Once Landon saw me coming back he ran up to me with the biggest smile. I love seeing his face light up from complete happiness!

I also cut my hand last night and put a band aid on. Landon saw the band aid and insisted on wearing one too to be just like Mommy!

I have to remember these moments when he has a not so great moment. Such as, hiding under the bed while chewing four sticks of gum that he found. Whenever he gets into something I just think back to smiles like this one.

I have also found a great way to tire Landon out. Spend the day making forts out of the couch cushions. When we were done playing he fell asleep right on top of one of the cushions and napped for two hours! We may be making forts every day!

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