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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Festivities

I take Landon to Chick-fil-a every Tuesday night for kids' night. He always has a blast and he eats for free so it's a win/win for me. This past Tuesday they held a Fall Festival. There were all sorts of activities for the children. They had small pumpkins for every child, bubble blowing machines, music playing, horse rides, and free brownies! I thought Landon would be hesitant of the horses at first, but he loved them. Not only did we do the horse and carriage ride, but he also rode each of the saddled horses. Even the big one! We finished the night with a stroll around the Town Center. It really was an almost perfect evening.

 I rode with Landon as well. I just got off to take the picture.
 Landon riding the pony!
 Landon had so much fun on the pony that he wanted to ride the big horse as well. He was all smiles the whole time.

Now if I could only get Landon to stop saying "I want to go to...". This is how our conversations have been all day yesterday:
Landon: Mommy! Mommy! MomMY!
Me: Yes Landon?
Landon: I want to go to.
Me: Where do you want to go?
Landon: Horse. Ride.
Me: You want to go on a horse ride?
Landon: Yes! Shoes. Cows. Go car.

I love his one word sentences that I have to piece together! We have this same conversation every day with a different go to place. Yesterday it had been the horses. The day before it was the beach, today it is the park, and I am sure tomorrow it will be the zoo. He always says "I want to go to" and then brings me his shoes. He really thinks that we can just up and go to these things and when I tell him that we can't today or that it is too late and dark outside he throws a fit...gotta love the two year old mind!

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