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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hands On Museum

I have wanted to take Landon to the Hands On Museum for a while now. I went ahead and took him and am so glad that I did. Landon had an absolute blast there. We were there for 5 straight hours and I still had to carry Landon out of there kicking and screaming. He did not want to leave. There was so much for Landon to do there. There is even more for older children, but there was no shortage of activities for those ages 3 and under. They had all sorts of different rooms there. Each area had a theme to it. There was the fire station with a fire truck and a fire pole. Landon loved playing on the fire truck. He didn’t want to wear the firemen outfits, but did wear the fire hat. He especially loved the stuffed Dalmatian puppy that was there. He pretended to drive the fire truck and talk through the radio. He even went down the fire pole several times with assistance from me.

Landon also like the police car
Next to the fire station area there was a train table. Landon loved the train table. He could have played with those trains all day long. I think I have a Christmas present idea for him!
What really won Landon over was the ball pit. He went back to the ball pit over and over again. He would jump all over the place in the ball pit. He got a big kick out of hiding from me in there. Whenever I told him that it was time to leave he would run to the ball pit, jump in, and try to hide from me. When I informed him that I could still see him he pretended to be asleep!

Jumping in head first

 What did you say Mommy? It's time to go?
 Well I can't hear you if I am sleeping!
 Hiding himself again!
Landon also loved the castle that was there with a large assortment of dinosaur toys. Landon is really into dinosaurs right now and sat playing with them for the longest time.

Another toy area that he loved was the vet office. There were numerous stuffed animals that he could line up and play with.
A few other areas that I liked, but Landon was still too young for was the Winn Dixie store, the theater complete with fold down movie theater chairs, and the 50’s diner. I also can’t wait to take Landon back when he is a bit bigger so that we can play wheelchair basketball!

The fun didn’t end when we left the museum. I had to make a quick stop at Michael’s to try to get the last piece needed for Kevin’s costume. They didn’t have what I was looking for, but Landon sure did find something. He made himself right at home with their animal figures. Wherever Landon goes he finds animals to play with. He always does the same thing with them no matter where we are. He lines them all up into a straight line. He does this with all toys. Even at the book store he lined up a bunch of planes and boats that he found in a toy display bin. He’s such a silly boy!

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Kelly said...

We have a place like this in Lakeland and I've taken my class there several times. The kids LOVE it!!! I'm sure Landon had a ball :)

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