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Friday, October 22, 2010

Ball Popper Shenanigans

What would one do with a wrench, masking tape, and a wire coat hanger? Pull out stuck toys from a ball popper of course! Landon's ball popper has been one of his favorite toys for over a year now. We got it when he was about 9 months old and he has used it almost daily ever since. Now that Landon is a toddler it is no longer a fun toy for Mommy. Almost daily I find different toys or odds and ends stuck in the ball popper. I always have to hardest time getting these objects out. Yesterday's stuck toys consisted of a Buster(not pictured), a Tigger, a Pooh, and a monkey toy. I was able to pull Buster out with a pair of pliers. The other toys were stuck so far in there that pliers weren't working. I attached masking tape to the tip of a wrench since the wrench was thin enough to fit down in there. I used that to stick to the stuffed monkey to pull the monkey out. The Pooh toy slid right out once the monkey was removed. Tigger, on the other hand, was pretty well jammed in there. I finally wound up getting Tigger out with the use of a coat hanger. I straightened out a wire hanger and used it to push Tigger out the other side. It took some time, but eventually even Tigger made his way out. This was by far that hardest I ever had to work to get his toys out of the ball popper. I'm sure later on today I will be fishing something else out of it. Landon no longer uses it as a ball popper. He just stuffs it with as much stuff as he possibly can. I really should get rid of it and replace it with something else, but he still has so much fun with it. I can't part with a toy that he still love, even if it does drive me nuts every day!
I'll end this with one more cute Landon story. He was watching his Winnie the Pooh movie. In one scene Pooh and Piglet fall into the water. Landon kept telling me that they were cold. I tried to reassure him that they were ok, but he asked for a towel. He thought they needed a towel to dry off and get warm. Here is a picture of him trying to dry them off with his Woody towel. Landon loves his hooded towels. I don't think I have posted pictures of him in them so here they are. One is of Buzz Lightyear and the other is Woody. He uses these towels every single day. Sometimes both at the same time!

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