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Friday, January 27, 2012

Annual Allergist Visit

Landon had his yearly allergist appointment this morning. I don't know why I always go in there with a small part of me hoping that I'll be told that he is no longer allergic to milk. I always go in there thinking that there is a small chance of that happening even though I know better. Not only did Landon not outgrow his milk allergy, but it became significantly worse yet again- to the point of the test being stopped half way through because of  how positive the reaction already was. This seems to be the trend. 

Several months back Landon had a severe contamination reaction at a smoothie place. His smoothie didn't contain any milk and the blender used to make his smoothie was sterilized (or so we were told). Landon took a sip of his smoothie and immediately started grabbing for his throat saying that it hurt him. Just a few seconds later he was throwing up everywhere and still complaining of his throat hurting. When I told his allergist this she told me that this was a severe contamination reaction. We now not only have to make sure that milk is not an ingredient on the food labels, but we also have to make sure that it wasn't made on the same machinery as milk containing items. It looks like we're back to a very restricted diet. If Landon doesn't outgrow this allergy within this next year, then it is very unlikely that he will. Every time he is exposed to milk then we reduce his chances of outgrowing this. I am always extremely careful about what Landon eats, but now I have to try to get it through to others what we are dealing with. I hate that Landon's meals aren't always in my control. Not everyone takes his allergy seriously and now we have to be even more careful about not feeding Landon food that came into contact with a milk containing food. 

As disappointed as I always am leaving the allergist I am also so incredibly thankful that this is all we really have to deal with. Landon's allergist is located at Nemours Children's Hospital. Most of the children there have serious disabilities and are so incredibly sick. I thank my lucky stars that my Landon is able to walk out of there with just a food allergy to worry about rather than being wheeled out in a wheel chair or walking with braces. I get a big smile on my face whenever he runs out of the elevator and bolts for the train display. My boy is able to walk away from there running and most of those parents can't say the same thing. I consider myself lucky that a milk allergy is all that I have to deal with along with the occasional asthma and other allergies because it could be a lot worse.

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