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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doctor Update Pt. 2

We took Landon to see his new pediatrician yesterday. Kevin and I both walked away with good feelings about this doctor. I think we have finally found someone that we feel is a right fit for us. What I love most about this office is that there are only two people who will be overseeing Landon's care- the doctor and a nurse practitioner. There will never be a guessing game when we go to Landon's appointment about which one of the 6 different doctors will be seeing him. I also loved that they took so much time with us yesterday. They were really thorough with everything and we spent a lot of time talking with them about some of our concerns. We never once felt rushed. We did mention to them that Landon still is not talking. He was talking at one time and then stopped when he was about 15 months old. He refuses to say anything other than "Momma". I think he stopped talking as a way to shut down. I think it is his way of dealing with a particular situation. I definitely can't fix the situation on my own and I am still unsure about whether someone else has any interest in fixing the situation. I am glad that the doctor seems to feel like there is nothing wrong with Landon and that he is just being a little lazy. They did do a screening for autism because babies don't generally just stop talking, but we knew it would come back that he was just fine. They even commented that Landon was fine before my filling out the autism screening forms because Landon is able to follow all commands. The doctor asked Landon to lay down on the table so he did, but he layed down on his side. So the doctor then asked Landon to roll over to his back and he did just that. Landon can hear just fine and is able to perform any task that is asked of him. He is able to point out all of his body parts when asked and he can even imitate animal sounds when asked. He can now growl like a tiger, baaa like a sheep, ney like a horse, and thanks to Daddy he can even spit like an elephant. You may be thinking, spit like an elephant? Yeah, those were my thoughts exactly! Kevin tried teaching Landon how to make an elephant sound by doing some weird thing with his lips. Landon can't make the sound just yet, but he has learned that by trying to make the sound that he can spit at people. If Landon spits on you, then please thank Kevin for that! I am taking no credit for this new found hobby of Landon's. Landon may be regressing when it comes to his speech, but he is making up for it in many other areas. He has now learned what a circle, square, and triangle are. We are still working on the difference between an octagon and a pentagon. He has a shape shorter that we sit down and play with for about 20 minutes everyday so that I can teach him his shapes. I think once he gets all of the shapes down then we will move on to the different colors followed by his numbers and letters. Landon has also become very good at putting puzzle pieces together. He pulls his puzzle out everyday and puts it together within seconds. Once he is done he will give each of the animal puzzle pieces a high five and then carry it back to the toy box to put it away. Landon still loves to read and will often bring a book over to me and then sit in my lap so that I can read to him. He has very little patience though and often turns the pages before I finish the sentence of each page. I think patience will be another thing that we will work on this year.

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