"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, a home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I took Landon to the park yesterday and realized just how much he is NOT a baby anymore. He wanted to swing on the swings, but all of the baby swings were being used. He had to wait his turn and instead of having a complete meltdown like the other boy that was waiting for a turn as well, Landon walked up to the baby that was in the swing and started pushing him back and forth. It was by far one of the sweetest things that I have seen Landon do for another person. That moment made me realize just how far Landon has come from the baby stage. He is no longer the little tiny baby who just lays still in the boppy because he is immobile. He is very much so mobile and he has his own mind and is becoming increasingly independent. I can't wait to see the young man that Landon becomes. I just know that he is going to blossom into such a caring and considerate young man. He even takes breaks while he is playing to run up to me with his arms outstretch just to kiss my knee or arm, which ever he comes into contact with first. A second later he will go back to playing, but every so often he will take a break just to run up to me and give me a kiss. It amazes me daily of how sweet he is.

When Landon is not running and jumping all over the place he is mimicking my every move. He is like my shadow these days. If we go for a walk and I sit down on the steps outside then he stops what he is doing and sits right along side me. Today while playing at the park I sat down on the sidewalk while Landon was sliding down the slide. Once he slid down the slide he saw that I was sitting on the curb and immediately ran over to me to sit next to me. He wouldn't get up until I did.
Landon sliding down the big slide

Sitting just like Mommy

This picture doesn't look like too much, but Landon finally figured out how to rock himself back and forth on this triceratops thing.

While Landon's mimicking ways are cute at times, they can also be quite troubling. I can't seem to be able to discipline Landon these days without laughing. The other day I placed Landon on time out and while I was explaining to him why he was on time out I must have been frowning and had my arms crossed. Landon took one look at me, crossed his arms and frowned. It was the funniest thing and I couldn't help but laugh. Needless to say, that was the end of Landon's time out because we were both laughing. If I laugh, then Landon laughs. Most of the time he doesn't even know why he is laughing. He is just laughing because I am. That moment the two of us could not stop laughing and time out came to a quick halt.

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