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Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Landon!

We are now parents of a two year old! Our Landon Love celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday. We had such a busy day that I wasn't able to blog about it yesterday. It is hard to believe that this time two years ago we were holding a newborn in a hospital bed. We were staring at all of his little features and basking in the new love that we felt for each other as we became a family. These two years with Landon have been the best two years of our lives. Landon wasn't able to understand that it was his birthday, but he sure did enjoy all of the things that we did for him yesterday.

I made breakfast for us as Kevin and Landon watched cartoons (Winnie the Pooh of course). We then had to take Landon to his doctor appointment, which I will blog about tomorrow to fill everyone in. After his doctor appointment we headed to Toys R Us so that Landon could pick out something special. Landon picked out a book and a Tigger outfit. We also got him a swim vest because the arm floats slip right off of him.

Daddy told Landon that he could have anything in the store knowing that Landon would go for a book or something small. He wasn't thinking that Landon would find a gigantic Winnie the Pooh! Landon was then told that if he could lift it into the cart then he could have it. Landon sure did try to get Pooh into the cart.,

Landon didn't want to leave Pooh behind!
After Toys R Us, Landon and Kevin took a much needed nap and then we headed to the mall. From the moment Landon was born I have been looking forward to taking him to Build-A-Bear for his second birthday and that is just what we did. Landon picked out a puppy and he was able to put a heart, which turned into 3 hearts because Landon insisted on adding more, into his puppy and then helped fill him with stuffing. Landon loved stomping on the pedal that made the stuffing come out. We picked out a birthday shirt, hat, and cupcake to decorate his puppy with and then named him Buster. I wish we would have taken pictures of it, but the camera died as we were entering the store. Kevin did record it on video, but we don't have any actual pictures of him building his puppy. We then followed up Build-A-Bear with a stop at the play area for Landon to run around. He loves playing there and it gave me a chance to do some solo shopping for the first time in ages.
Landon cuddling up with Daddy and his new puppy Buster!

We then managed to pull Landon out of the play area so that we could come back home and make dinner. I made Landon's favorite- spaghetti. He ate an entire bowl of it. After dinner came presents. Landon loved his Winnie the Pooh musical stage. He hasn't put it down since last night. It was the first thing he went to when he woke up this morning.

I also made Landon a cake for the first time. I have made cakes before, but have never actually decorated a cake before. I made Landon a small Winnie the Pooh cake. It was far from perfect, but in Landon's eyes it was perfect. That is all that mattered to me. He loved his Pooh cake. He didn't like eating it, but he did love looking at him. Landon isn't much of a sweet eater. He never has many sweets and I think that the cake was too much for him. He licked some of the icing off and then he was done with it. I was hoping to get some messy cake eating pictures again this year, but we had no such luck.

We really enjoyed our day and are looking forward to Landon's party next weekend. Happy 2nd Birthday Love Bug! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

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