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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st

I woke up this morning certain that the calendar was playing tricks on me. Can it really be May 1st? Most certainly not. If it were in fact May 1st, then that would mean that our Landon Love will be 2 in just five days! Surely the calendar was mistaken today. April Fools came a little late this year and decided to play a trick on me today. It can not be May already. I am not ready for Landon to be 2. Oh my goodness where has the time gone? I do not like you May 1st and I want you to go away and disappear from the calendar so that I never have to see the month of May again. 

Come to think of it, we haven't had the best of relations with May 1st. May 1st, 2008 was the date that we were originally scheduled to have Landon. My blood pressure was still rising and I had horrible swelling for several weeks at that point to where I could barely lift my legs. We were scheduled to induce labor on May 1st. Unfortunately, the hospital was overbooked and they had to postpone to May 6th. That was the LONGEST five days of our lives. With every passing day I was growing more and more upset that I was not holding my baby boy. At least we now have five more days with a one year old. 

I guess I can't close my eye and click my heels three times in hopes of turning back the calendar. I will now have to get started on trying out different "butter" frosting recipes for Landon's cake. I found a few different options online for milk free frosting and I will test them out today. Let's hope I find a winner. 

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