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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Year Stats

Landon just had his two year check up. He is now 30 pounds and 35 inches tall. I knew he grew some because he is now up to my belly button! Landon seems to have a long torso because most of his shirts are becoming too short on him. The bad part about that is that all of his shirts are new. We just bought his summer wardrobe in 24 month/ 2T sizes. All of his 18 month bottoms still fit with some room so we decided to go up to 24 months so that they would fit all summer long. Unfortunately, it looks like he will be outgrowing all of his t-shirts in length in just a few months. He wore an outfit today that came as a set. The shorts are still big on him, but the shirt shows his belly whenever he reaches his arms up into the air. Landon also has some really big feet. He wears a size 8, but soon to be 9. He is also in size 4T socks. He gets his large feet from Kevin (size 13!).

Landon is still a little behind on his speech. At this age he should be speaking over 50 words and Landon only says a handful consistently. Landon is now starting to mimic what we say though. He is slowing starting to talk and catch up to everyone else. They will re-address his speech when we return for a follow up for other things in three months. 

Landon's favorite hobbies these days are to color and to take bike rides. Every day he asks to go on a bike ride. I try to take him out on the bike daily, even if it is only for a few minutes. He loves to go out on the bike and it provides me with a good work out. About twice a week we will ride the bike to Target to get an Icee. I always plan this bike ride around nap time. Landon always falls asleep in the bike and will stay asleep in the bike for about an hour. I usually take a blanket with me and spread it out on a patch of grass. I read while Landon sleeps. It's a great way to spend an afternoon. I only wish that our bike trailer converted into a stroller. That way I could push him around the stores while he continued to sleep. It would make shopping a lot easier! Maybe one of these days I will look into upgrading our bike trailer. It's practically brand new though so I can't really justify the extra expense.

I am slowly working on party preparations for Landon. We still have to buy the table cloths, party favors, and other small decor. Other than that things are underway for his party this weekend. I have a lot of candy to still make. Thankfully my mother is picking up where I have been slacking on the candy making. It's so hard for me to make it with Landon. He will usually allow me to make just a few pieces before wanting my attention.

We are still in awe that Landon is two. There are days that I look at him and am still able to see the newborn that he use to be in his face. Although, more days than not I struggle to find the baby in him and am seeing a growing boy instead. When he sleeps I can still see his ultrasound picture in his face. I cherish the moments when I watch him sleep and am able to still see his ultrasound picture in his face. Pretty soon I will be writing about his 3 year check up and then his first day of school. Time sure is going by way too fast, but I love the sweet little boy that Landon is turning into.

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