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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One, Two, Three!

I wanted to share a funny little story about Landon today. At least it was cute and funny to me. I hope it translates into writing as funny as it was, but it may be one of those things that you had to be there for to get the full cuteness affect. Either way I am going to blog about it so that I have it written down for our own personal family stories since this blog serves as a time capsule of sorts for Landon's childhood. 

This morning Landon, my mom, and I were sitting out on the porch. Landon had taken my mom's hair clip and was throwing it onto the ground. He had refused to give it back to her so she started counting to three and told him that once she got to three that he would go to time out if he hadn't returned her clip back to her. As soon as she said "one" Landon said "two"! I couldn't help but to laugh and it took everything my Mom had not to laugh as well. She then said "two" and Landon followed that up by saying "three". Landon is too smart for his own good! Needless to say she never made it to three because we were too busy laughing at his cuteness. He did return the hair clip to her though. His cute little face already made it near impossible to discipline him, but now that he is starting to talk I imagine it is going to get even harder to see past his cuteness and put him on time out.   

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