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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my twentysomethingish birthday! I realized today that simple birthdays are just as great as celebrated ones. Last year was one of my best birthdays filled with the Cheesecake Factory and homemade videos. This year was a lot more low key and simple, but it definitely gave last year's birthday a run for its money.

Landon and I hit the beach today with my Mom. The beach is also how I spent Mother's Day. It's my favorite place to go with Landon when I am needing to relax and get a way for a few. There is something about the ocean and the salt water filled air that always has a way of de-stressing me.

Landon's footprint next to Mommy's
Landon had so much fun building sand castles
Landon picked out a special present for me- seashells!
After the beach we went to the grocery store where my Mom picked up the ingredients needed to make dinner- rotisserie chicken! She also made me my favorite cake- red velvet! My mom also took Landon out to pick out a card for me and he picked out the most perfect card along with the most perfect balloon. I love my Landon so much!

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