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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dreaming of You

Last night Landon was having trouble sleeping. I have to hand it to him, his excuse was a good one. He told me, "I'm busy dreaming so I can't sleep. I'm dreaming about you. I'm dreaming about 'I love you'. That's why I can't sleep." He sure does know how to kiss up!

I love all of the silly little things that Landon says these days. This morning he said, "Oh no Mommy! Call the police. My monkey has a broken nose." His sock monkey had a string come out and now one nostril is no longer. Landon is convinced that any indoor "emergency" is for the police to handle and anything outdoors is reserved for the firemen. I use the term "emergency" loosely. As you can see, Landon thinks that a pulled string is considered an emergency that warrants the attention of the police department. He asks for me to call the police whenever one of his toys breaks. He also thinks that firemen can solve any outdoor issue. There was a spider on our tree and he wanted me to call them to remove it. He actually became rather frustrated with me when I explained to him that I couldn't call the fire department to remove a spider off of the tree.

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