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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Growing Up

This morning Landon poured his own glass of orange juice with only one minor spill. He even cut his own alligator pancake with a cookie cutter. I'm thinking I'm pretty much useless these days! He did all of this without assistance because he was tired of waiting for me. I was busy showering so that we could start our day and Landon decided that he was still hungry and took matters into his own hands. It's looking like I can stay in bed while Landon prepares his own breakfast for now on!

He's becoming better and better at dressing himself as well. I guess my little boy really is growing up. Now if only he could break a few of his bad habits before turning four. Especially the whole dumping the entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet every single day. I really could live without that happening. No matter where I place the toilet paper (in the cabinet, on top of the sink, on top of the towel rack) he always manages to get a hold of it and throw the entire thing into the toilet. I'm ready to turn to bribery. I'm thinking if he goes a week without throwing the toilet paper into the toilet then I will allow him to buy a new Hot wheels car. A $1 car is a whole lot cheaper than seven rolls of toilet paper. Maybe it is time for a rewards/ chore chart.

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