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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ringling Brothers Circus

The circus recently came through town and I decided to take Landon. He kept talking about it for weeks from all of the fliers and radio commercials that were promoting it. I didn't tell Landon that we were going until the night before once all of the details were finalized. He went to bed at 6:30 that night because he was so excited to be waking up for "circus day" as he kept calling it. Once I received the phone call that Jenn was on her way to pick us up Landon ran outside. He sat in his car seat in the driveway for almost ten minutes waiting for them to pull up. I have never seen Landon this excited over anything before.
I remember going to the circus as a child, but it's a whole different experience watching the circus through the eyes of your child. Landon was completely mesmerized by every single act.
He clapped after each act and he even danced in the aisles in front of our seats.
The only downfall was the evening showtime. It meant that Landon conked out at intermission. I couldn't wake him no matter what I tried. He just can't seem to stay up late no matter how much fun he is having.
We all had a great night out. Although if you ask Jenn you may give a different answer. She has a severe case of Coulrophobia, a fear of clowns, and spent the entire clown performance hiding. She has even been known to cry when she comes across a clown face to face. She has a true fear of them, but sucked it up for Landon to enjoy his first circus experience. Thank you TT!

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