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Friday, January 13, 2012

Landon's Day Through Pictures

The unexpected gifts always turn out to be the best ones. Landon received a toy camera for Christmas. It was something that he has never seen or played with before and I had only seen the commercial for it once and never mentioned it to anyone thinking it wasn't something Landon would particularly want. Boy was I wrong. This camera is actually more camera and less toy. It takes pictures and videos. You can record sound to descibe your picture afterwards and it even has frames and stickers that you can place onto the pictures. You can even turn the pictures into memory and puzzle games on the camera. I love looking through the pictures that Landon takes to see what he found to be picture worthy throughout the day. Here's a few of his pictures from yesterday:
Mommy the pirate
 Tinkerbell the Bucaneer
 Berries- he always picks these and places them in his pockets every day when we pass them. I don't know what his obsession is over these things.
 A bag of leaves. He even back tracked when he realized that he forgot to take a picture of them!
 A fallen tree
I come across many random photos on his camera. These were just a sampling of today's randomness! I can't wait to take Landon back to the zoo to see what he deems photo worthy there. The only thing that is confusing Landon is the fact that his camera is not a touchscreen. I guess that's a sign of the times! He's insisting that it should be because he's used to Mommy's camera and Daddy's phone camera being touchscreen.

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