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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rewards Chart

I mentioned the other day that Landon was driving me nuts with his whole throwing a role of toilet paper into the dirty toilet every single day thing. I finally decided that it was time for a rewards chart. With Landon only being three I decided to just put three areas that I would like him to improve in on the chart. This week his weaknesses are, first and foremost, the toilet paper nonsense, followed by brushing his teeth (he doesn't understand why he has to brush them more than once a day and will usually say, "But Mooommy, I already brushed my teeth today), and lastly dressing himself. I'm not expecting a miracle in the dressing department either. He has to at least attempt to put his own underwear and pants on. I will gladly help him with his shirts, but he is more than capable of the rest. Every day that he completes these three goals he will get a check mark underneath the task. At the end of the week, if there are 21 checks on the board, then he will receive a reward. He's been begging me for a new Hot Wheels car (apparently the bazillion of them he received on Christmas weren't enough) so I think a new Hot Wheels car will be his first reward. I'm seeing a trip to Dollar Tree in my immediate future. I'll pick up a few different items so that I have rewards on hand for several weeks worth at a time. The rewards will always be small things: cars, coloring books, reading books, craft items, just random things that I know he will enjoy. Today was the first day of the chart and so far it has worked like a charm. He insists on putting a check down each and every time he successfully completes his goals. He currently has five check marks under the spot where he goes without putting toilet paper into the toilet. I think he's trying to rush through the first set of twenty one checks. The rewards chart is very simple and the drawings are horrendous, but Landon enjoys it and was able to make out what the drawings were so that is all that counts. It's also made him on his best behavior all day today. He fears that I will erase his checks whenever he is bad so he's been stopping his bad behavior as soon as he realizes that he's doing something wrong and quickly apologizes before I can even correct him on it. I'm thinking the rewards chart will be around for a long time to come.

I was contemplating a chores chart, but so far Landon is always eager to help out with things around the house. So far chores aren't looked at as chores by him, but more of a fun way to help Mommy out. He's always leaving Tinkerbell outside whenever she stands by the back door and he jumps at the chance to fill up her water bowl. That's one of my favorite things to watch him do. Whenever he hears Tink paw at her empty water bowl he always tells her, "Alright. Alright. I hear you. I'm coming." He then carries her little water bowl into the bathroom, fills it up with water, and walks it back into the kitchen with minimal spillage. Landon is also in charge of putting his underwear, socks, and pajamas away in his dresser drawers. They don't always stay folded when he puts them away, but he always puts them into the correct drawers so I don't say anything to him when he just tosses them in there. He always jumps at the chance to mop and vacuum the floors and he is learning how to properly fold the clothes, but that has been a slow learning process. He's always responsible for taking his own plate to the sink after every meal and has to put his toys away once he's done playing with them. Since Landon does all of these eagerly every day, I didn't see the need of a chore chart. Maybe I will re-address that once he is a little older. For now the rewards chart seems to be the perfect fit for us.

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kfig said...

i'm glad he's doing well with the Chart.

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