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Sunday, April 15, 2012

DVD Coloring Case

I came across a great way to recycle DVD cases while perusing Pinterest. The DVD case was turned into a coloring case. I loved this idea and started making one right away. It was super easy to do and I already had all of the materials on hand. All you need is a DVD case, a utility knife, fabric, a piece of cardboard, and spray adhesive.

The first step is to cut out the part of the case that holds the DVD in. Mine is rather sloppy looking, but I did almost lose my finger in the process. Learn from my mistake and never cut towards the hand that is holding the DVD case still.
The next step is to cut a thin piece of cadboard to cover the part of the DVD case that was just cut. I used a mailing box for this. (I ordered one from the post office around Christmas time without knowing that they came in packs of ten. I always knew I'd find a use for the extras sooner or later!)

You then cover that piece of cardboard with fabric by using spray adhesive. I don't actually have a picture of this step. My main concern at that point was not getting blood all over the place so I didn't want to touch my camera. A second piece of fabric will then be folded down to make a pocket. Spray adhesive that piece of fabric onto the fabric covered cardboard. You then spray adhesive the fabric covered cardboard onto the DVD case. Lastly, I glued a piece of scrapbook paper into the clear plastic slots.
This is the end result. Mine is slightly unever in some areas, but I don't think that will matter to my three year old. I also found that pages from those small coloring books (found for $0.50 at most stores) fit perfectly into the slots where the DVD informational page once was.
I have a feeling this will work out much better than the crayon roll in shopping carts. It'll keep my busy boy entertained while shopping or even in his car seat. I will no longer have to attach the traveling lap table to his car seat. The hard backing of the DVD case will be enough support for him to write and color on.

Much better step by step directions and photos can be found here.


Jessica said...


Stacy said...

This looks great! I love that thte coloring pages fit right in! Nice find!

The Earl Family said...

What stores do you find the small coloring books? I am making the coloring cases for my daughter and neices for Christmas. Thanks!

The Earl Family said...

What stores do you find the coloring books in? I am making the coloring cases for my daughter and neices for Christmas. Thanks!

Amanda said...

These particular ones came from Family Dollar for $0.50. The coloring books that are sold in the little plastic pouch with crayons and stickers also fit in there. Those are sold at Wal-mart and Target near the registers when you check out.

The Hutsons said...

Thanks for the step by step and warning but just proper sliced into my finger and thinking it may need stitches! Should have listened to you more. Now to finish it without getting blood everywhere, hee hee!

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