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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a not our traditional Easter, but it was so much fun. Landon woke up and went through his Easter basket. The first thing he asked about was if his magic jelly beans sprouted into lollipops. I told him a story about how those particular jelly beans were magic and if he planted them, then they would sprout into lollipops.
He was so excited to see if the jelly beans really were magic. He asked to check on these before he even asked to see what the Easter Bunny had brought him.
He then checked out his loot from the Easter Bunny. By the looks of it he was very happy.
Afterwards we ate breakfast and then headed out for Disney on Ice. My mom's main gift to Landon was tickets to the show. This year the theme was Toy Story. Landon had no idea about it until we got there. To say he was excited would be an understatement. He even dressed as Woody. He thought it was going to be a typical day of shopping at the grocery store while he was in his costume. He put on his costume as if it were a normal day- only Landon!
We had the most amazing seats- right next to the ice on the floor. It only added to Landon's excitement. He was all smiles throughout the entire performance.
Right around this point Woody saw that Landon was dressed as him. He gave Landon a tip of his hat and a thumbs up. It made Landon's day!

 When it was all over I asked Landon what his favorite part was. He couldn't stop talking about the Ken and Barbie scenes. I have to admit that they were my favorite as well. Those scenes were hilarious and filled with lots of music.
Landon even stood up on his chair to dance along to the songs. The little girl next to him quickly followed.
Landon made out like a bandit during the performance. Over priced cotton candy, snow cones, and a light up toy all at the same time. Reason #101 why Landon thinks that Mom Mom is way cooler than Mommy!
 At the end of the performance I had Landon take a picture next to the Toy Story 3 blocks. It didn't quite turn out, but he's still adorable!

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