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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I hope everyone had as good of an Easter as we had. Our Easter weekend was a very busy one so it will be in a series of posts. I'll start with the Easter egg hunt that we went to at the zoo. It was our first time going to the one at the zoo. I think we found an egg hunt that we will be going to year after year. They did an amazing job at separating the age groups. Other places have tried and failed miserably. The older siblings are usually running into the egg area and trampling the younger ones. At the zoo they only allowed the child in that particular age group (for Landon it was 3 and under) and one parent on one side of the field. The other children and family members were to wait on the other side of the field where the rope remained up at all times. Landon finally did not get trampled on by an older child and he walked away smiling instead of crying. He even walked away with a prize winning egg! He won a stuffed monkey and he hung it up in his room as soon as we came home.
Waiting patiently for the egg hunt to begin.
He's been so brave this year with the Easter Bunny. We haven't had a single meltdown this year due to fear! Thankfully any Easter Bunny we've encountered has been without eye glasses. Landon says that he is scared of the ones with glasses.
His monkey that he won!
We also dyed some eggs on Friday. Landon wasn't as excited about this as I thought he would be. He was a good sport and did a few so that I could have my memory of us dyeing eggs together.
He came running to the table once I told him that the eggs had dried enough for him to put stickers on them!

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