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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Landon has been wanting to make a pine cone bird feeder for several months now. Every single day he brings a couple of pine cones back home from our walks and asks if we can make one. I always forget to pick up bird seed when we are at the store. I remember as soon as we are pulling out of the parking lot. Running back into the store is not an option for the sake of my sanity. I would hate to hear the whining for a second time as to why he can't have a certain toy or a bag of Skittles. Once per store outing is enough for this mommy! I finally remembered the bird seed before we hit the check out lane on our last trip to the store. Landon was thrilled to pieces when I told him that we were going to make his bird feeder.
Spreading the peanut butter
Rolling the pine cone in bird seed
Getting ready to hang it
We then topped the afternoon off with a picnic lunch. It was Landon's idea of a perfect afternoon and I have to agree!
I'm still not entirely sure whether pine cone is one word or two. I spent more time googling that topic than I care to admit to and I still do not know the answer. I decided to make it two words since I have always done it that way. If anyone knows the answer, then feel free to say so in a comment! It would put my mind at rest.

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