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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Things He Says

Landon has been cracking me up lately. Here is just a snippet of what he has said this week:
Mommy, I love you like pigs love pies.
Thank you. I love you too.
You're welgum (welcome). Any time.

One night while he was in bed the following conversation occurred:
Mommy, I lost my yawn.
Your yawn?
Yes, my yawn. It went away.
What happens when you lose your yawn?
I can't sleep happens.

Landon was laying on the couch one afternoon and out of the blue he starts talking about bad attitudes:
I sure wish I could stop my bad attitude.
You don't have a bad attitude. You have a good attitude.
But I'm about to have a bad attitude.
We'll work on stopping it then.
But I don't know how.
Mommy will help you learn how.
Oh goody, goody.
And Landon?
Yes, Mommy?
Thank you for warning me about your upcoming bad attitude.
You're welgum (welcome).

Meal time is always an interesting time around here. I never know if Landon will eat or not. There are days when he eats non stop and other days where he will go with just eating one meal. I made him lunch this afternoon and asked him to come to the table to eat. He responded by saying, "Thank you, but no thanks." At least he was polite about it!

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