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Friday, November 6, 2009

18 Months Old!

Landon is 18 months old as of today. I don't know where the time has gone to. I can't believe that in just six short months my baby will be 2. It just seems impossible. This day has hit me rather hard. I associate an 18 month old as a toddler and no longer as a baby. I want to be able to stop time and keep Landon as a baby for all of eternity. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to watch Landon grow up and see the man that he grows into, but I am just upset that it seems to be happening quicker than I would like. I know I must sound silly and over emotional right now, but to be honest I have been over emotional since the day Landon was born. He has turned me into a blubbering mess. Any new achievement of his makes me cry, as does every passing milestone. I guess only other moms will understand. I am still amazed at how such a little boy can impact my life so deeply.

Landon had his 18 month check up today. He is now 32 1/4 inches and 25 pounds! He has not grown much in height, but he has put on some weight. I'm hoping all of his pants will fit him soon. Landon is becoming rather tall and thin making jean shopping impossible. All of his 12 month pants fit perfectly around the waist, but are too short...they come above his ankles. However, his 18 month pants fit perfectly in the length, but fall off of his waist. He only has 1 pair of jeans that fit somewhat ok and 2 pairs of khaki pants that fit. Those all have adjustable waists and adjustable leg lengths. He has over 10 pairs of pants that he can not wear because they are too big and fall off of him. It's definitely going to be a challenge getting him into pants this winter. Landon is still not talking. He calls me "Momma" and everything/everyone else is "Ma" or he will just point and whine. Landon has stopped making any attempt at talking and so he will be seeing a speech therapist in the upcoming months. I know he will talk when he is ready, but I am concerned about it because he was talking at one point and just stopped. I do know that Landon's hearing is ok and that is not the reason for his speech delay. He is able to follow commands without hesitation on his part. If I tell him dinner is ready and to go to his chair, then Landon will go directly to his high chair. If I tell him that it is bath time, then Landon will walk up the stairs to the bathroom. Landon can even throw things into the kitchen trash can and sink when asked. Landon still loves to read and he is developing a love for puzzles. Every time we go to the library he wants to play with the wooden puzzles and at the doctors office today he wouldn't put the puzzle down. With the exception of him not talking, Landon is developing well. He is so smart and continues to amaze us daily.

We were too busy today for me to take pictures of Landon, but I did snap a few shots of him in the car. We had to pick Aunt Jenny up from work and while we waited for her to come out I sat Landon upfront with me to play. Landon had so much fun sitting in the front seat while hanging out of the window and eating animal crackers.

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