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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys!

Have you ever wondered what happens when you get an 18 month old together with an 18 year old? Well, wonder no more. I found out first hand that no matter the age, boys will be boys. As I was coming down the stairs today I heard Landon squealing in laughter. I looked around the corner and saw Landon wrestling with his Uncle Alex. Landon has never even seen wrestling or anything of the sort before, but he was able to give Alex a run for his money. He pulled some moves on his Uncle that left Alex telling me that he was hurting! I think rough housing just runs through the veins of boys and they can't help themselves. Alex even told me that Landon managed to pull his hair and bite him in the butt. I was able to catch the last few blows on camera. It sure was funny watching the two of them go at it. Landon had such a good time wrestling with his Uncle Alex, but I don't know how much longer Alex will be able to keep up with Landon!

Landon trying to drag Uncle Alex by his shirt!

Even Pooh and Eeyore were body slammed!
High flying!
Don't worry, this was all taken place under the adult supervision of Tinkie!

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