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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Walt Disney World!

We had a rather nontraditional Thanksgiving this year. Some friends of the family came down to FL over Thanksgiving and we met up with them in Orlando. We haven't seen them in several years and they have never seen Landon so it was nice to be able to spend time with them. Instead of doing the traditional turkey and family dinner we spent the day at Magic Kingdom. Only my mom, Alex, Landon, and I went down there. I was a little disappointed that nobody else came along, but we had a good time nonetheless. It was Landon and Alex's first time at the Magic Kingdom. We have lived in FL for about 13 years now and somehow Alex has never been to magic Kingdom. We have done all of the other parks as a family, just not that one. Landon had a really good time looking at everything. It was so unbelievably crowded so we didn't get on very many rides, but we did make sure to get on the Winnie the Pooh ride. I wasn't leaving the park without taking Landon on that ride. I gave up the Dumbo ride, but I was not giving up the Winnie the Pooh ride. Landon absolutely loved that ride. The whole time we were on it his face was in complete amazement. He loved pointing out the characters to me.
It became so cold by the end of the night, but Landon didn't mind. We were able to snuggle up with his Pooh blanket and stay warm on the Pooh ride and in the Pooh souvenir shop.
Landon's other favorite ride was definitely the tea cups. The tea cups make me sick, but I rode them so that I could experience them with Landon. Landon loves to spin around in circles. He will spin around in the computer chair for hours at a time if I allowed him to. The faster the tea cups spun, the bigger Landon smiled (and the sicker Mommy became)!

Since the line to ride Dumbo was so long we settled for taking a picture in the Dumbo that was on display.
We did manage to have Landon meet Pooh and Tigger, but it did not go as smoothly as I was hoping. We waited in line for OVER and hour to get a picture with Tigger and Pooh. Landon was so excited while waiting in line...he couldn't wait to get closer to them. Even as we were the next ones to go up to them Landon was excited. As soon as he was in front of them he took one look up and freaked out. Needless to say that after waiting for an hour I never did get a good picture of Landon with his heroes- Tigger and Pooh. Landon couldn't get away from them quick enough and was waving "bye-bye" to them the whole time!
As I mentioned, the park was really crowded. I was really surprised by that seeing how it was Thanksgiving Day. All of the lines for the rides were at least an hour wait. It wouldn't have been so bad if Landon was older, but an hour wait for a ride seems like eternity for an 18 month old and complete torture for said 18 month old's mother! There was no way that I was going to wait in those lines with Landon. Even without doing very many rides he had fun. He loved seeing the different sites throughout the park and really enjoyed the afternoon parade. Landon slept through the nightime light parade, but I enjoyed watching it. The fireworks after the parade scared him to death so I had to keep ducking into different buildings to get him away from them. He was clawing at my neck and driving his head into my collar bone to try to get away from them.

While we were down there Landon was able to meet Santa! On Wednesday night we walked around Downtown Disney. They had Santa there to take pictures. My pictures didn't turn out too well, but the Disney people were able to work their magic and take some really good pictures of Landon with Santa. Now I just have to order them.
It was raining off and on that night. It rained the hardest while we were in the line waiting for Santa so I put a poncho on Landon. He loved playing around in it.
Of course no trip to Downtown Disney is complete without a picture with Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet. The one picture where Landon is actually looking at the camera I manage to mess up by cutting off Tigger's head. Oh well, at least Landon enjoyed sitting with them. The first thing he did was give Pooh a kiss!

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