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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick-or-treating fun!

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Landon was able to walk around collecting candy into his hunny pot basket (yes, I realize honey is spelled wrong, but that is how Pooh spells it!). Landon dressed as Tigger for Halloween. When Kevin and I took him to Toys 'R' Us for his costume I had originally put him in a Winnie the Pooh costume. Landon made the cutest little Pooh Bear, but Tigger is his favorite so we went with the Tigger costume. He made the cutest little Tigger as well. I loved the fact that Landon had a say in what he wore this year. Last year Landon was too little to pick out his own costume or to walk around and so it really felt like this year was his first "real" Halloween. The day before Halloween we took Landon to go trick-or-treating around the mall. He had a blast running from store to store. Most stores were handing out lollipops so Landon was able to enjoy his first lollipop. Since Landon is allergic to milk the lollipops were all that he could eat. I sure had my fill of chocolate these past couple of days!
Eating his lollipop

Trick-or-treating at the mallTigger from behindOf course, no visit to the mall is complete without a carousel ride.
Halloween day was so hot and I was afraid that Landon was going to roast in his costume. You know you live in FL when you can go around in a sleeveless romper on Halloween and still be hot!
My mom and I carved Landon pumpkins. I carved a Winnie the Pooh pumpkin and my mom carved a Tigger pumpkin. Landon loved his pumpkins.
Landon waving to his pumpkinsGiving his Pooh pumpkin a kiss!
Luckily, Landon tolerated the heat well and wore his costume all night long. We started Halloween night off by making a stop at Tropical Smoothie. They were giving free kids smoothies out to children dressed in costume. They were even able to make Landon a strawberry and banana smoothie without the use of yogurt. He absolutely loved it! It also happened to be happy hour at Tropical Smoothie so my mom bought me one as well. I had my first smoothie (I'm not a fan of fruit because I am allergic to most of it) and it was really good. I ordered one with oranges and limes. Needless to say we will be making more stops to Tropical Smoothie in the near future.
Tigger waiting on his smoothie
After we all got our fill on smoothies we headed out for some trick-or-treating fun. Landon fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep for the first portion of trick-or-treating. Alex decided he was tired of watching Landon sleep so he picked him up to wake him. It worked and then we were able to properly trick-or-treat. I felt a little weird going up to the houses trick-or-treating for Landon as he slept so I was glad that he was woken up. Landon had so much fun going from house to house. He especially loved looking at all of the Halloween decorations that people had up. After we finished up trick-or-treating we brought a very tired Tigger home and tried to get pictures of him in costume in front of him pumpkins. It didn't work out as planned. Tigger was far too hot and tired for any pictures. Who could blame him though, it was insanely hot out and it was past his bedtime. All in all, it was a good night and I am already thinking about his costume for next year!

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