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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dino-mite Birthday!

This past weekend was super busy and loads of fun. Landon's birthday was on Friday followed by his party on Saturday. Our baby boy is now officially a three year old! 
Landon's first picture as a three year old!

His actual birthday was a great day. We continued our Toys R Us tradition. Last year Kevin and I took Landon to Toys R Us to pick out anything he wanted. We did the same thing again this year. It was extra fun this year because Aunt TT and Aunt Keyko came along as well. Landon had a mini shopping spree at Toys R Us courtesy of his Aunt Keyko. It sure is going to be hard telling Landon that his toys have to go back to the shelves to go "night night" upon leaving a store now. He was able to walk away with anything that his little heart desired on his birthday. He was definitely one spoiled little boy on his birthday. We all had a blast and Landon was smiles most of the day while shopping. After lunch and shopping we came back home to cake and more presents.

 Telling us that he is 3!

The following day was Landon's birthday party. I think it was the most laid back party to date. I didn't stress a single bit. I even held my composure when Landon's cake fell apart during set up. I shrugged it off and continued to enjoy the day. Landon had a lot of fun at his dinosaur party. He was blessed once again with a ton of presents. He has a toy for every occasion:
Outdoor activities
Indoor activities
Learning games
Landon's cake worked out in the end. The dinosaurs broke in half so we placed toy dinosaurs on top of it. The volcano smoke cloud then broke so my mom made it look like lava split it in half. It all worked out in the end and it tasted super yummy! I was even able to make his Dinosaur Train track fit around the cake stand for the finishing touch. 
Landon loved opening up his presents. He would quickly tear one open, toss it aside, and then ask Daddy for "one more." He had so much fun opening his presents!

It really was a great birthday weekend. Happy 3rd Birthday Landon Love! We love you to the moon and back, lots much!

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