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Friday, May 20, 2011

Role Playing

Landon loves playing pretend. Every day he is a different animal. Most days he is a cat. He becomes upset if I refer to him as Landon while he is in cat mode. He will only respond to me if I call him cat and his response will often be in a series of meows! He gives me a good laugh every single day. He can go from this...

...to this in a matter of seconds.
 His personality is constantly changing. The one constant is the amount of fun that Landon can have with the simplest things. His Cookie Monster Play-doh set is one of his favorite activities. We play with it almost daily. He makes different fruits, veggies, and letters and feeds them to Cookie Monster. Today Landon even insisted on brushing Cookie Monster's teeth once he was done eating.

He then wanted to give him a bath, but I assured him that Cookie Monster doesn't need a bath. Landon settled on just putting a t-shirt on Cookie Monster and then went on to do his next silly thing.  The other day while I was cleaning up after our lunch dishes Landon came into the kitchen. He yelled,"Surprise! I Mommy!" I turned around and sure enough he looked just like me, kind of! He put on the t-shirt that I had worn to bed the night before and pretended to be like Mommy for the rest of the afternoon. I even had to refer to him as Mommy for most of the afternoon. He sure does keep me on my toes and laughing. Landon is the perfect pick-me-up each morning and evening.  

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