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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here I Am!

The other day I was walking around calling for Landon. I couldn't find him anywhere. I knew that he couldn't get out of the front door and the back yard is completely fenced in with no exit. He had to be in the house somewhere, but I couldn't find him. After calling out for him several times I hear Landon say, "Here I am. Boy in chair room." I could not figure out what he was talking about by "chair room" so I followed his little voice. Sure enough I found Landon in the chair room. He was underneath the dining room chair that has a floor length chair cover. He was playing with his animal toys under the chair. When I said "found you" Landon wouldn't come out, but he did show me what he was doing.
I think I may make a tent out of the dining chairs and we'll have a picnic lunch sometime this week. The simple ways that Landon can have fun amazes me. How quickly we forget the simple ways that fun can be had once we become adults. Speaking of fun, Landon's toys drive me nuts. I can't stand seeing toys in the living room. Just because I am a mom does not mean that my life has to revolve around toys. There is no need to step on a toy or to sit on a toy or even to have a living room being cluttered with toys. I think I finally found a good balance between toys and a clutter free living room. 
Target had these storage cubes on sale one week. I picked one up along with four colored bins. The bins are in cream and purple of course. Landon knows that all of his living room toys must fit into these four bins. Whatever toys do not fit must be placed in his room. He's allowed to bring his toys out into the living room, but at the end of play time he knows the toys that do not fit in the bins must go back into his room. It's an amazingly simple solution to all of the toy clutter. My life has been much easier since coming across this toy solution.

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