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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Words

Landon's vocab has more than quadrupled over the past several months. There isn't a word that he can't say. This can sometimes be a bad thing. I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes and Landon was screaming, "Look Mommy, damn! Damn, damn, look Mommy!" I immediately stopped what I was doing and walked into the living room with the intention of explaining to Landon that we don't use that word. As soon as Landon saw me he said, "Beaver dam Mommy! Look look!" Phew! Crisis adverted (at least this time!). A beaver was building a dam on the tv show and Landon wanted to show it to me.

We did recently have the conversation that "crap" is not allowed. I try to not give bad words power. I know the more power I give to the offensive word, then the more Landon will want to use it. When the Jungle Book taught Landon "stupid" I ignored it and the word was quickly forgotten about. The same can not be said for "crap." Aunt TT uses that word a lot. I've asked her not to, but Landon picked up on it very quickly. If something doesn't go his way he says "oh crap" or if he's mad he'll say "crap" and stomp his foot. It happened so frequently that I could no longer ignore it. I explained to him that we don't use that word. Just yesterday Landon has been heard saying, "drap." That's right- my smart alec three year old replaced the "c" with a "d" in hopes of making it ok to say. Oh the joys of toddler hood!

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