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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alligators and Apples

Landon is really starting to enjoy making little art projects. I've been teaching him his letters. He's getting really good at knowing which letter is which. To try to really teach him his letters, I have been having him do arts and crafts around the letters. This week was the letter "A". I only do one letter a week. We work with all letters throughout the week, but we focus on just one letter so that he really learns them without becoming confused. I cut out two letter "A"s. At the beginning of the week Landon placed foam alligator stickers onto the "A". The rest of the week I pointed out all things that started with "A". On walks I would show him acorns and ants and everyday I would point to his alligator picture and ask him what letter it was. Later on in the week we made one more "A". We made apples out of play-doh and glued them to the "A".

He also makes random pictures on most days. He made one the other day with foam stickers. He was so proud of his picture.


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Kelly said...

You're a great mommy!

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