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Monday, March 14, 2011

Milk Allergy Update

Today was Landon's annual allergist appointment. It was as expected- Landon is still allergic to milk. Somehow he is more allergic to milk now than he was previously. His allergist reassured me that there is still a chance of Landon outgrowing his milk allergy in the next couple of years. She has seen increased allergy levels in children two to three years of age before and by four to five they slowly drop back down. His increased milk allergy levels are not unheard of, but it's definitely not the news that we were wanting to hear. Landon was a handful during the skin test. He started screaming and protesting as soon as the nurse wiped an alcohol swab on his back. He kept saying "ouch" and "hurts" over and over again just from her wiping the alcohol swab on him. Landon then proceeded to say that the marks the nurse drew on his back with a marker hurt and started crying. He's one dramatic boy! The real fun began once they pricked his back. Thankfully it was only three pricks today. Daddy colored with Landon as Mommy made his boo boos go away by blowing on his back. I think the slight wind made the itching/burning go away. After a few he was back playing with his Toy Story toys to pass the time. Half way through the test we knew it wasn't good news. The spot was huge. Larger than previous tests. The nurse came in at the half way point to check on him and said that it was definitely positive and quite a reaction for only being 7 minutes in to it. Landon was a trooper and after 15 long minutes we were able to wipe his back off and apply some Benadryl cream. We then spent a good portion of the afternoon at Landon Park. We love that park. Not only does it share our Landon's name, but it is right on the water. Landon has also been asking to go to the beach. Every time we get into the car Landon tells me to drive to the beach. I may just have to make that happen this week since he was such a good boy today.

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