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Monday, March 21, 2011

Running, Running, Running

No one ever told me that to be a parent of a potty training toddler that being a sprinter and cross country runner was a pre-requisite. Man oh man have I had my share of running these past couple of days. Landon and I have been out and about a lot this past week. I think he is almost potty trained. I'm saying "almost" because I don't want to jinx myself! He's gone all week without a single accident (besides bed time). The other day we were out shopping with my mom. First we went to look at plants. It was just a tent set up to sell plants. Landon informed me that he had to pee. I looked around and thought "oh crap". There were no bathrooms to be found. I had to run him across the parking lot to the restaurant. The whole time I'm running him across I'm telling him to try to hold it. He did just that and we made it on time, but boy was I worn out after that run. The next stop was to the mall. We were in a store that was connected to the mall, but not part of the actual mall. Of course they had no bathroom for us to use. I had to run Landon from that store to the center of the mall where the food court was. Luckily, we made it once again. Just an hour later Landon and I were in Target when he had to pee again. Of course we were in the back of the store in the toy aisle. I put Landon in the cart and once again sprinted through the store to get him to the bathroom on time. The whole time we are running Landon is yelling "hurry, hurry. Go quickly. Boy pee!" That was a lot of running for one day! Then today we were at Home Depot in the garden center once again looking at plants. Landon said that he had to pee again. We had to run into the store and find the bathroom. We round the corner where the bathroom is and Landon informs me that "boy can't hold it". I kept telling him to try to hold it for just another second. We reach the bathroom and Landon says "phewie" and wipes his hand across his forehead! I think there is a whole lot more running in my future. If only stores were designed by a mom. There would be a lot more bathrooms. Preferably one in the front and one in the back of every store. Now that Landon is potty trained we have to work on him telling me sooner when he has to go. Then we can slow down to a jog instead of a sprint!


Kelly said...

My friend gave me advice while I was pregnant. She said she always carried a portable in her trunk while she was potty training. She said that not only was it easier but she hated hating to put her kids on the public toilets with them touching everything. Just wanted to share :)

Amanda said...

I carry a traveling one that goes over the public toilets. I never thought about taking his actual potty seat along though. He doesn't use it at home anymore so I think I will put it in the trunk for when there is no bathroom in sight. Thanks!

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