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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Landon Facts

With Landon being two going on three, he has definitely developed quite the personality. There are many things about Landon that make him unique. I figured I'd share of few random Landon facts with everyone:
  • Landon loves playing in the dirt, but hates to be dirty. He loves taking a stick and drawing in the dirt, but once he realizes that his hands are dirty he starts to freak out. He also has to have wipes or napkins with him while he's eating. He likes to wipe his hands off in between bites.
  • Landon hates to eat anything yellow. This doesn't just mean that he refuses to eat bananas. It also pertains to yellow skittles, yellow fruit snacks, and yellow popsicles. Yellow skittles are always the ones that Landon offers to people because he doesn't want to eat them.

  • Landon is a hard core hide and seek player. He hasn't quite grasped the seeking concept, but he sure can hide. We played hide and seek this evening and Landon peed in the pantry. He told me that he couldn't come out to go to the bathroom because he was hiding!

  • Landon is very sensitive. He gets incredibly upset when a character on a movie is upset or hurt, even more upset when a person in real life is hurt or upset.

  • Landon loves re-enacting scenes from movies (especially Toy Story). Every morning he goes around saying, "Mom, where Buzz is?" On Toy Story 1, Andy can't find Buzz and asks his mom where he is. I hear this from Landon every morning upon awakening and we then go to his toy area together to find Buzz.

  • Landon loves the color green, but if you ask him what his favorite color is his usual response is "black"....not really sure why.
This was actually quite fun. I think I will add to it over time.

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