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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mommy Confessions

There are so many mommy moments that we are all afraid to admit. Why? Because we are afraid of being judged. I'm putting it all out there so that I can let go of some of my mommy guilt.

I feed Landon cake for breakfast, kind of! Landon calls his favorite muffins "peanut butter cake". I bake a batch of peanut butter muffins every three days or so. Landon loves them and I can't bake them quickly enough. They are made with whole wheat flour and are loaded with bananas and carrots. Landon eats several a day and always asks for his peanut butter cake every morning upon waking. Other mornings I feed him apple flavored fig newtons (after all, they have apples in them!). He doesn't get these things every morning for breakfast. Some mornings it's pancakes, some mornings sausage, some mornings just a glass of soy milk. It's all up to Landon what he eats for breakfast. He's not a morning person, nor am I. Neither one of us have much fight in us in the morning so breakfast is pretty low key.

When I'm at my wits end and the weather is yucky outside I fill up the bathtub. I no longer care about water conservation at that point. Landon loves to play in the tub and it is my tried and true method for calming us both. Even the hard core environmental conservationist would be filling up the tub five times a day if they were in charge of Landon on one of those days.

I often forget about Landon's nightly sippy cup until the following night. They almost always roll under the bed out of sight. I always regret this the next day when I realize how bad sour milk smells. Even soy milk has a terrible smell when it sours. There are times when I just throw the sippy cup out instead of dealing with the smell and cleaning it. Thank goodness for those cheap disposable ones that Landon can now use.

I refuse to turn meal time into a battle. It's just one fight that I choose not to have with Landon. Instead I sneak pureed fruits and vegetables into Landon's food. Call it lazy parenting if you want like some have, but at least I know that Landon is getting his vitamins and daily needs met when most toddlers are not. I am also a firm believer that meal time should be an enjoyable time.

I have on occasion gone to bed with dinner dishes still in the sink. On these days, I will wash them the next day with the breakfast dishes. There are some evenings when I am just too tired to be bothered with them.

At times, I run the clothes in the dryer twice to try to get the wrinkles out. I hate ironing and always try the dryer method first. I then curse the dryer when wrinkles are still in the clothing and I have to pull out the ironing board.

I prefer Landon to eat healthy snacks. Yet, I have a secret stash of sugar filled snacks for when Landon goes to bed. It's my treat after a long day. I'm a hypocrite.

I allow Landon to take his portable DVD player with us while we're at the store. He will watch a movie while in the shopping cart at the grocery store or in his stroller while browsing through department stores. It keeps him entertained while I shop in peace. Fellow shoppers thank me as well since he's not screaming throughout the store like other children!

I often allow Landon to play outside after the rain has ended to jump in the puddles. It always crosses my mind that I should just throw soap into the puddle so that I can skip bath time!

Sometimes we even play outside when there is a light drizzle. It's so hard to stay in all day on rainy days so I try to make the best of it and if there is a real light rain, then I allow Landon to play on the covered back porch.

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Kelly said...

A few things:
On pureeing the food - not lazy, just a clever, smart, great mom who makes sure her son is getting nutrients!
On drying clothes twice - ME, TOO! I hate ironing!
On not washing dishes - so what?! Dishes (and other chores) will always be there! I do the same (with guilt, too) but am learning to let it go :)

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