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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vacuum the Grass?

On most days Landon is able to choose his clothing. He always picks a t-shirt of some sort. It's usually a Toy Story one or one with animals on it. When we're just staying home, then he even has his choice of bottoms. There's no surprise here- Landon's bottom choice is usually none. When he gets to choose his pants or shorts, then he usually says "no pants". So no pants it is when we are at home. He is also allowed to choose his own shoes on most days. Usually he chooses his Croc's. Some days he chooses his Toy Story shoes, but today he chose something completely different. He chose his Mickey Mouse slippers. The other week he even insisted on walking around in them and he received quite a few compliments on them from the neighbors, which I think prompted him to wear them more often! This is how he spent the afternoon:

"Vacuuming" the grass while wearing his Mickey slippers, a dinosaur t-shirt, and a Toy Story Pull-Up. If only his bubble mower would actually cut the grass!

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